Wolf Song

"Bocklund captures the peace of the region beautifully. Anyone who is passionate about Lake Superior will be able to connect with these songs."

Will Moore, Music Director


In July of 2013, composer and singer/songwriter Terri Bocklund and her husband Curt Kowalski undertook the musical adventure of a lifetime. Terri was awarded an Artist in Residency at Isle Royale National Park, and her new CD is a collection of love songs to the spirit of the greatest of the Great Lakes and the pristine northwoods archipelago inhabited by wolves and moose, loons and eagles.

The music is guitar-driven, and it is sublime. With strings and fingers, Terri paints a musical image of fog and wind, loons and wrens, rambling trails and the northern lights. She sings about the open hand of this special place, and the gifts of smooth stones and rocky shorelines, silver birch trees, the music of the water, and the ancient story told by the land itself. The music shimmers with touches of Native American woodflute, hand percussion, warm vocal harmonies, and natural sounds Terri recorded during her Residency. A poem by Gary Lawless (a 1997 Isle Royale Artist in Residence), serves as the foundation for a piece that brings the entire project together, The Open Hand of Lake and Isle.

A pause from kayaking while the fog clears at Washington Harbor, near Windigo.

With the canoe loaded with gear, heading to Tookers Island for a night of camping.