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Dr. Rolf Peterson

Isle Royale Wolf/Moose Study

Author of A Broken Balance:

The Wolves of Isle Royale

"Terri's music tickles my zen nerve."

Damon Foreman

"...a voice like warm honey..."

Howard County Times

"I like her music

better than I like PIZZA."  

SoundCloud Fan/Follower


Terri grew up in a south suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was writing and performing her own songs by the time she was in middle school. She graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, majoring in Music Therapy with study in classical guitar, voice, and violin.

Terri prefers to call her genre "eclectic acoustic." With a blend of contemporary acoustic, Americana/traditional, soft rock, folk, blues, country, and classical in her repertoire, she's had performing opportunities at some of the Mid-Atlantic's best local and regional live music venues favoring contemporary acoustic or folk music.

Terri has shared the stage with some of the finest performing singer/songwriters in the country:

* Bryan Bowers

* Brooks Williams

* Doris Justis

* Garnet Rogers

* Grace Griffith

* Rachel Bissex

* David LaMotte

* Barb Barton

* Steve Key

From the vaults -

Terri's 1995 promo picture.